My wife and I found this course very helpful. Ariadna was very honest and made sure other couples who had given birth came to speak to us to give us their story of child birth and the weeks after.

Alison and Daniel

The antenatal course for first time parents is runs in East Dulwich and it lasts 6 weeks, the first 3 weeks will cover labour and birth, and the last 3 weeks cover those early days with your baby

Course Summary
1st week Signs and process of labour and birth. Where to give birth: home, birth centre or hospital
2nd week Coping strategies and pain relief
3rd week When birth does not go as expected, partner's role and 2 couple will come to tell their brith story
4th week Early days with your baby, recovery time, looking after yourself and your baby, what newborns need and getting used to your new life as parent
5th week Common practicalities such as swaddling, bathing and nappy changing, coping with a crying baby
6th week Feeding your baby: Breastfeeding your newborn baby, what to expect and how to do it. Bottlefeeding with formula or expressed milk.